Experiencing the "i"Phone Autocorrect GLITCH? Here's How To FIX IT!


It was pretty obvious that A LOT of people were experiencing the same iPhone issue when the Social Media complaints, jokes and memes about the i ~~> I autocorrect issue started flowing. Basically for Apple users that downloaded the latest iOS update every time i was typed instead of changing it to a capital I, autocorrect would insert the letter A with a question mark in a box next to it. Leaving people baffled in texts. If you still think you're the only one experiencing this issue, relax, you're not! Apple has even responded via their Support Page with steps on how you can avoid this issue until the bug is fixed in a upcoming software update. So in the meantime, follow these steps to put the "i" back in your iPhone!

  • Go to settings, click general, click keyboard then text replacement.
  • Next tap the "+"
  • You can type an upper case "I" in the phrase section. In the Shortcut section you can then type "i"

You should be ALL SET after this, until the update comes out at least. If autocorrect just isn't your thing, there are some other things you can do to make it work smoother for you!


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