Here's Why 'Drink Champs' Is One Of The Best Podcasts Out Right Now

Murder Inc. founder Irv Gotti had countless hip hop lovers in a frenzy this week when he said that Drake is today's Eminem, during his interview on the "Drink Champs" podcast. 

"If Drake was in my era, Drake would be selling 15 million, 20 million a clip," Gotti explained. "He's a genius. That motherf**ker's a genius, okay? Drizzy for sure is a genius, yo. He's, dare I say, our Eminem of today... he's f**king Eminem."

The fact that Gotti picked "Drink Champs" to say something as outlandish as this isn't too much of a surprise, if you're familiar with the show. There are always celebrities saying the most insane things on the podcast and it's one of the main reasons why we love it! Hence the name "Drink Champs," its guests, as well as the hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, throw drinks back during interviews to unwind. This makes everyone completely uncensored. Even Diddy is a huge fan of the podcast, so much that "Drink Champs" airs on Revolt TV.

"Drink Champs" video producer Rich Blanco exclusively told iHeartRadio: 

"I believe 'Drink Champs' is the best podcast out right now because you actually have a DJ and a rapper from the culture interviewing guests with an inside-the-industry scoop. The guests relate so much with their peers that they speak freely, as opposed to other media outlets, especially when liquor is involved."

"Drink Champs" interviews are always making headlines. The amount of hip hop facts -- many unknown -- that are dropped on this podcast makes for a great time every time you listen to it. Describing "Drink Champs" in three words, Blanco added, "Funny, informative and drunk." 

Hands down, "Drink Champs" is the business. Listen to it on iHearRadio for yourself and you'll agree.

Photo: Getty Images

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