WHAT?! 10 Year Lead Police on 100MPH Car Chase + He's A Pretty Good Driver


While getting ready for school, a 10 year old boy decided to swipe his parents car and hit the road! This isn't the first time the young speed racer stole their car, earlier this month he stole their car and continuing driving on 3 flat tires before being stopped. This time around his joyride was even more dangerous, not only did he hit speeds of 100 MPH but he also drove into oncoming traffic on the highway and even took out a toll booth. Ohio Police had to ram into his parents car and box him in to stop him and when they finally got him out of the car, he kicked police officers and even spit on them. Despite endangering many people - the young man's driving skills are pretty good and folks are saying he may have learned this behavior from video games like GTA. His parents are happy he wasn't injured but this young man will not be allowed near any car keys anytime soon!

Check out some raw footage of the police chase...



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