DAD STAYS Behind So His Family Can Be SAVED From the Napa Wildfires


Sunday night when the fires started burning in the North Bay, the Tamayo family didn't have much time to flee their home that was burning to the ground. They were able to get to safety because the crew of a CHP helicopter noticed the family when they drove to the top of a hillside near their home. Once the chopper landed to take the family to safety, a hard decision had to be made. There was only room for 4 passengers! As the 5th member and protector of the family, Pepe Tamayo told the CHP officers to take his family to safety and that he would stay behind! Despite the sadness and tears the CHP officers whisked the family to safety, but not before telling the heroic father and husband they would be back for him. THANKFULLY the officers were able to make it back to Pepe before flames made it impossible to land! They were able to reunite him with his family and also make 26 other rescues in 7 hours! Check out the heartwarming video above of when the Tamayo family was reunited with the officers that saved them!


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