Kevin Durant Uses Alternate Account To Be Honest About Leaving OKC


People have way too much time on their hands. Kevin Durant went on twitter today to respond to a fan who asked him to explain why he left OKC, other than winning a championship. Durant responded by basically speaking in third person saying he did not want to play for Billy Donovan, head coach for OKC, and all the other players excluding Russ, weren't good enough to get win championship.


Where's the lie though?! Kevin Durant may have forgotten to switch accounts, but if had spoken in first person, it would have fueled the "F**k KD" movement. Can you blame him for leaving a team he spent his first 8 years with? How long do you stay loyal to a team that you feel does not have the parts to take you where you want to be?

Of course social media went crazy claiming KD was bashing his former team and head coach. But did we forget about how OKC treated him when he went back?

Imagine being welcomed with that after spending 8 years there. With what just happened to Isaiah Thomas in Boston, he lost his front tooth, sister passed away and he still played, only to be traded! There's all these emotions when a player leaves for himself yet when a team trades a beloved player who did NOTHING wrong, crickets. 

While everyone is focusing on KD attempting to respond from a fake account, what you should be focusing on is why he didn't want to play for Billy Donovan. Dissect why he felt the "team" wasn't good enough to get a championship not what other fake accounts he may or may not have.

KD may have a fake account, but with all the negativity on his timeline over the last year, wouldn't you? He is human. Believe it or not, I personally know multiple "celebrities" with fake accounts they respond to trolls from. A blue checkmark response automatically hits the blogs regardless if they are right or wrong. 

What do you think though? Is KD wrong for attempting to respond with a fake account or is this just another reason for NBA fans to hate on KD?

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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