Shaq Drops Diss Track on Lavar Ball

Shaq never has been one to shy away from a good publicity opportunity  when he sees one, so it’s no surprise that he has responded to LaVar  Ball with a diss track. 

Shaq has taken shots at LaVar Ball over the past few months as the  Big Baller Brand has become a thing. The former four-time NBA champion criticized the Balls over the price of Lonzo’s shoe and called himself the “original Big Baller.” 

LaVar responded by dismissing Shaq, saying nobody is buying Shaq-branded apparel. 

Shaq’s rapping career left a lot to be desired, but you have to hand  it to him here. He had lots of good lines in the track, such as making a  reference to Ball’s college career with a “averaging two points riding  the pine” line. He also threw in his classic BBQ chicken line. Though he  cautions LaVar to “watch your mouth”, he does praise the man for doing a  good job raising his sons, saying he likes their game on the court.

Overall it was a solid effort from Shaq. Now we have to wait for Big Baller Brand’s response.

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