Vontourage- RnB Sex Scandals

Rnb Sex Scandals, Usher Really Lets it Burn, R Kelly Sex Cult, Mike Vick Hates On Kapernick! Plus, Part 2 of Would You Pay For Sex ! Billy Noche stops by to tell us why he moved to Mexico andwhat 60 Bucks can get you...

Bad week for RnB. The greats are goin down! Usher has been out here burning ladies for years! 

Now they wanna report that R. Kelly has a cult of young ladies lock up! Are they trapped in the closet?

This is one of the so called cult ladies speaking bout her time under the Kells spell.

The victims father comes forward, but something does not sound right bout what he is saying.

The victim has had enough and check her father and the media. but is she free yet?

Mike Vick Has words for Colin. But is he wrong for speaking on it? 

Waka is one of many to say " Shut up " to Mike on his views

Shannon Sharp puts in all in place bout Mike pointing fingers. 

And last but not least! Some how paying for sex has been the topic of the studio this month. Even tho i dont not agree with it, which i made real clear in my last episode. But My Guy Billy Noche comes to put me on bout moving to mexico, for better living. Cheaper living........ And the great club HONG KONG where you can get anything you like for 60 bucks! Are you with it? Do you have you 60 ready?

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