VONTOURAGE Jay Z 4:44 Review & Rob K Get's Played

Sup Gang!

This recap of the of the VONTOURAGE is filled with mayhem!!! 

We check back on the beef brewing between Joe budden & Dj akademiks over the Migos fallout from the BET Awards. 

Check out the videos below:

Joe explains why he feels why Dj Akademiks is P****

Just when i thought it couldnt get no better Dj Akademiks tells his side of the story. but takes pride in being a full fledge P****! Even when telling his side, to me sounds a lil sad. I sometimes feel for the guy. Watch

Now after all that The boys face off to clear the air! And Ak admits again to being the P***** that he has been called over and over. 

After all the talk of Jay-Z new album. Folks have been coming out to share views on Hov. On This One Future takes time to give his side of why he feels Jay-Z Aint hot! Smh 

after Hov puts it out there, that taking pictures with money stacks is corny. Future fires back. Saying that Jay dont have the juice like that any more.

Others may feel the same way. Lil Boosie fans reached out to him, because he poses with money all the time. but he was not having it. and took to IG Live to give his feelings on it.

50 Cent jumped in and let the world know, That he started that money pose! And to get it correct. 

Then Fif gave a review of the Jay-Z 4:44 album. Saying its to smart for the drug addict fans out there. 

And finally, you may all heard by now. Rob Kardasian is goning threw it with Blacc Chyna. ( not like we didnt she this coming. After catching her cheating. He went crazy posting old text, nudes and pics of the fella she was cheating with. sheesh

Not looking good for old Rob. Looks like hes being played like a piano. Snoop Dogg stepped up with some wisdom for the poor guy.

Snoop also gave Rob some good listening advice to get him back on his feet lol 

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