"Combat Veteran" Goes Ape Sh*t And Slaps The Fire Out Of A Guy He Claims Wouldn't Let Him Pass On The Road!

Damn. If this man is a veteran, he may have ptsd or something else given his reaction to this. But, if Brandon Vega tried to run him off the road, I would probably react the same way. The girlfriend definitely made it worse for her "not wanting to fight" boyfriend by antagonising this guy. Sometimes, learn to shut your mouth and drive away.

Lyfe Engelhart wrote via Facebook

So Brandon Vega and I thought it was the perfect day to go hiking up off of Old Stage road when this asshole started riding Brandon's ass up the narrow dirt road. Then when we parked he proceeded to assault him and say it was our fault. Road rage at it's finest ladies and gentlemen. He only walked away with a bloody nose and fat lip because he refused to fight over something so stupid.

Photo Credit: Video

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