Twitter Reacts Bill Maher Calling Himself a 'House N*gga' on 'Real Time'

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 07:  Writer Bill Maher speaks at the

Looks like Bill Maher may have gone a little too far with his jokes.

Via Complex

During a Friday night interview with Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse on Real Time With Bill Maher, the show's eponymous host caused a stir when he said the N-word. 

Sasse invited Maher to his home state to "work in the fields with us." Maher answered, "Work in the fields? Senator, I'm a house nigga."

Maher seemed to delight in his audience's discomfort, and followed up by saying, "It's a joke." Unsurprisingly, there were plenty of people who did not find the TV host's use of the slur funny.

Personally, I don't think his intention was to make fun of the plight of slavery, nor to offend anyone. I do think he thinks it was "just a joke." But, i'm sure after someone explains to him why people are so offended, I hope he rethinks his choice of "jokes" in the future. Check out some twitter reactions below.

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