In the 2017 NBA Western Conference finals, we keep hearing claims of "Dirty Players," whether it be Zaza Pachulia, Lamarcus Aldridge, and now Spurs big man Dewayne Dedmon. Ironically, the play on Steph Curry is getting the least notice, yet might be the most egregious. 

In an illegal screen which did not get called, Dedmon is seen blatantly throwing his knee into Curry's knee, forcing his leg to buckle and fall. Problem here is if Steph had been seriously injured, the media would have blamed it on Steph's size or " Finals are physical." 

Meanwhile, Zaza Pachulia's foot under a shooter results in the Spurs coach publicly calling him out followed by death threats on Pachulia and his family. Things got so bad Pachulia was forced to have extra security at his children's schools because of the threats!

Yet, there's no public outrage when it comes to Steph. There is no way this play was NOT intentional. NO ONE throws there knee into a guy like that with out the intent of trying to injure them. Watch below.

Now, as the Warriors are hours away from possibly sweeping the Spurs, Steph was seen limping around the court with ice on his knees as a result of Dedmon's knee. Lucky Steph is very mild mannered,

Via CSNBayArea

SAN ANTONIO -- With a bag of ice strapped to his left knee, Stephen Curry limped out of AT&T Center after Warriors shootaround Monday showing the effects of a play he considered dirty.

With less than four minutes remaining in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals on Saturday, Spurs backup center Dewayne Dedmon set a screen on Curry in hopes of creating space for guard Dejounte Murray.

What Curry took issue with was not the screen itself but Dedmon’s movement. He deliberately turned his left knee and banged it into the side of Curry’s knee, which buckled and sent the Warriors star sprawling to the floor.

“I saw the replay,” Curry said after shootaround, clearly displeased.

That the Warriors did not list Curry on their morning injury report for Game 4 Monday night does not make the pronounced limp any less real, and he conceded his gait is affected by that play.

“I know (Dedmon is) not a dirty player,” Curry told ESPN on Sunday. “I'm not going to try to mess up his reputation, but I feel like that was a dirty play."

Asked Monday about those comments, Curry expressed no regret.

“Yeah, that’s what I said,” he said.

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