Podcast: Bay Area Artist Derek King Talks w/ Sana G, DC & Lexx Jonez! #SanaCast

*Strong Language & Subject Matter. This is not for kids!

Sana G, DC & Lexx Jonez sat down with Bay Area artist Derek King for our daily Podcast- the Sanacast! 

Derek's song "Don't Do That" is starting to blow up right now, and he only just turned 21!

One thing DC was eager to talk to Derek about was a Tweet he sent last night, asking if it's ok for 2 dudes to Facetime each other

Derek clarified the Tweet, and actually blamed Big Von for starting the whole mess.

Sana also went through his phone and saw he's been using the 💍 (ring) Emoji a lot lately, and that led into Derek breaking the news that he has a 25-year-old Filipino girlfriend! 

Before we let him leave Derek even sang a lil bit for us!

The whole interview was a lot of fun, so if you haven't already just watch the video above.

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