Young Mom Dies After Strange Marks Appear On Skin, Doctor Says It Came From Her Medicine Cabinet

Cassandra  Campbell, 24 was just starting out in life. She got a great job working  alongside her Dad as a tattoo artist and recently had a baby.

When  she started noticing strange bites on her skin she headed over to her  local doctor in Michigan, who gave her a precautionary prescription for  antibiotics and sent her on her way. But Cassandra only got worse.

After taking the medicine at home her condition deteriorated and soon she was  experiencing flu-like symptoms. The rash worsened and she headed to the  ER several times. There, Cassandra was diagnosed with a rare syndrome  most commonly caused by antibiotics like penicillin or Bactrim. She  sadly lost her life soon after. 

Her parents are trying to  spread the word about this rare syndrome and to create some good out of  this tragedy. Watch the video above for more information.

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