Happy 20th Bday @LifeofDesiigner ! Some Things You May Not Know About Him

Here's how where and how he'll be celebrating...

Happy 20th Birthday to Desiigner!! Oh to be 20 again.....*daydreams of a carefree lifestyle, sprinkled with rainbows, cupcakes, college parties and homework...* OK- back to business!

To celebrate let's go over some things you may or may not know about young Sidney. Did you know that he was originally going to call himself Desiigner Royel? Apparently his brother in law gave him some advice and said he should design his name. Aha- Designer it is! His sister then suggested his name was too long with the Royel (his real last name) and told him to add an 'i' to Designer...and there you have it kids, Desiigner was born!

He comes from a musical family, his grandfather was a Blues Guitarist with international fame. Oh and one more family detail, his family is from Barbados. Wonder if he's planning any shows on the island? Can you imagine how that party would be? Just picture the tropical backdrop of Barbados with the baseline of Desiigner tracks...Brrrrrrrraaaaaahht! #LIT? The answer is YES!

One more fun fact- Desiigner almost gave away Panda, apparently he didn't what he was going to do on the track. With over 80 million views for the video, pretty sure he's glad he kept it especially because that's just one numeric breakdown of the record's success.   

Did learn a few things about the birthday boy kids? On that note...let the celebration begin...

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