Waitress Racist Remarks Made On Facebook... Goes Viral

A woman who goes by Heather Tippett, on went viral this past weekend after posting a photo of receipts on Facebook captioned "This is why no one wants to wait on black people."

What's even more infuriating, the customers claimed they left a cash tip for the waitress. They were more outraged the woman tried to stereotype them as black women.

No explanation was given by the waitress. The restaurant did reply appropriately by firing the waitress.

After the post went viral, Black twitter was quick to point out how the woman seemingly attempted to gain unwarranted "sympathy" by using racist stereotypes. Either way, she made an assumption, posted something unnecessary and racist, and deservingly got fired. 

Personally, I over tip because of these kind of stereotypes. Sometimes, waiters are horrible and don't deserve a tip. By then, i'm probably talking to your manager already! Check out some reactions below and let me know what you think?

Photo Credit: Video

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