United Airlines Updates Policy for Removing Passengers

Almost everyone has watched the violent scene on the United Flight when Dr. Dao was dragged off the plane involuntarily to allow crew members to take his seat on a plane that was already boarded and oversold. Shortly after the CEO released a statement of apology, that was not so "accommodating" and then this statement was released in hopes of "re-accommodating" the public. Since then, Dr. Dao's lawyer has reportedly filed claims that he may need reconstructive surgery since he suffered a concussion, lost teeth and broke his nose. WHOA!

United has apparently updated their policy and they are no longer allowed to remove passengers that are already seated...the new policy also includes some changes to how a crew members can bump a customer from their seat...CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Other airlines are making policy changes to avoid situations like these, I'm hearing that Delta could be authorizing their team to offer close to $10,000 when they need to ask a paying customer to give up their seat. Can you imagine how fast that would add up if you kept getting bumped?! I'd be like sure I'll wait, oh you need me to give up my seat again, sure...what's that you say another crew member needs a seat, by all means...That's a quick $30K! Wishful thinking, LOL! 

Have you ever been bumped off a plane and given an incentive?

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