Oakland Wants to Ban Flavored Tobacco Products

The City of Oakland has introduced a piece of legislation called the "Oakland Children - Smoking Prevention Ordinance." Sounds good, but what does it mean?

The legislation targets multiple factors of tobacco sale that are argued to be appealing toward young people, namely flavored tobacco products. This would include items like Swisher Sweets, the popular two-pack cigarillos that come in flavors like mango, blueberry and "banana smash."

Other language in the subject of the bill seems to target Swishers and similar products directly by stating it wants to "establish a minimum package or volume size for cigars" and "prohibit the sale of individual or small unit packages of cigars." 

The ordinance could potentially also affect the sale of flavored vape juice, which has seen increasing popularity in recent years. Though the title of the ordinance only specifies "tobacco products" (vape juice is not tobacco, after all), it does contain nicotine and could possibly also be included in the ban. Critics of vaping argue that its fruity flavors are meant to tempt children into starting to vape.

The bill's sponsors are Oakland Vice Mayor Annie Campbell Washington and Council President Laurence E. Reid.

(h/t East Bay Express)

Image Credit: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

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