Twitter Just Eviscerated These White Teens for Saying 'You May Be Picking Cotton, But We’re Picking You' in Disgusting Prom Proposal

A photo of two teens asking another teen to prom has now caused outrage and reportedly caused one of the girls to lose their scholarship to college.

The Monarch High School students in Coconut Creek, Florida on the far left and right, asked their softball team mate in the middle to prom using the sign they are holding which read:

“You may be picking cotton, but we’re picking you to go to prom with us.” The young ladies posted the photo to their Instagram account. 

Once posted, the girls immediately faced backlash and claims of racism. People could not believe such a sign would be used to ask someone to prom.

The teen in the middle was identified as Klara, and was subjected to questions as to why she would allow her "friends" to treat her in this manner.

Of course, social media users were able to identify the two girls in the photo, Sarah and Emily. They were also able to find out Emily was offered a scholarship and planned to attend the University of Central Florida.

Since the post went viral, the two girls have deactivated their social media accounts. The school has yet to comment either. One twitter user is reporting that Emily has lost her scholarship as a result of the post. She is also claiming the girls were suspended from the school.

There are a lot of mixed reactions to this. Since the post went viral, some reports claim the girls stated it was an "inside joke." Does this make it ok? Should the girls have lost their scholarships behind this? Let me know your thoughts below.

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