Racist White Woman Threatens To Kill A Black Family If They Don't Get Out Of Her 'country'

We have to keep exposing these people for their comments and behavior. The video below is going viral after a woman went on a racist rant against a black family.

The video is of a white woman who lingers by the door of the restaurant as an employee stands before her attempting to keep the situation from escalating. Instead of just leaving, she attempt to get into the group's personal space, while repeatedly shouting, "Get out of my country!"

"You know what, you are ugly! You are the ugliest motherf***ers in the f***ing world," the woman goes on to exclaim. In the final moments of the recording, she lets out a curdling scream, once again demanding that they "Get the f**k out!"

Based on the family's reaction, and the two teens sitting there laughing, the family may have been in an area they didn't feel comfortable responding. They never said a word. Or maybe, they just didnt want to stoop down to her level.

To make things worse, she ends with "I don't want you here, and I'm going to vote against you, and I'm going to kill you when I can." 

Photo Credit: Video

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