Michael B. Jordan Considered For “ Matrix ” Reboot

The Matrix is one of the most beloved movies from the early 2000s (it came out in 1999, but who’s counting). Kanye West even called it “the  Bible of the post-information age” in his Oxford lecture in 2015. Since  Hollywood is really terrible at coming up with new ideas, Warner Bros.  is now reportedly working on a reboot of the The Matrix.

Michael  B. Jordan is rumored to be among the favorites to replace Keanu Reeves  as the main character, which would be an interesting turn of events  after the original movie’s role was initially offered to Will Smith, who  turned it down. We doubt Jordan would do the same. Keanu could still be  involved, but in a recent interview he said he would only do so if the  Wachowski siblings, who wrote and directed the original Matrix trilogy, were involved.

Apparently a TV series based on The Matrix was also considered by Warner Bros, but it was eventually discarded. How do y’all feel about a possible Matrix reboot?

[via THR]

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