Watch: Andre Iguodala calls Coach Steve Kerr "Master" During Interview

Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala is the latest player to compare NBA players to slaves with this recent comment he made, referring to coach Steve Kerr as "Master."

Andre is a really smart dude, so I'm really hoping he was joking, or messing with the media as many have claimed, but he seems really serious in the video above. 

The crazy thing about the comment is, it came after he found out that he was going to resting against the Spurs... So he made the comment after finding out that he was going to GET PAID- BIG BUCKS- to sit on the bench and cheer on his team... What slave ever had that privilege? 

Earlier this season, Draymond Green also drew criticism for his "slave mentality" comments regarding the situation in New York between the owner and Charles Oakley...

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