I-80 shooting victim in Richmond has died shielding friend from bullets.

Another life lost for no apparent reason. Our condolences to the family of Demarcus Doss.

Via ABC7

The family of the man shot in his vehicle on Eastbound Interstate 880 Thursday is speaking out following his death at the hospital the next day. Demarcus Doss' family says they want people to know he was a hero.Doss was the baby brother, the youngest of six in his family.

"Demarcus was my best friend, I lost my best friend, I really lost my best friend," said his sister Shanyla Robinson.

Thursday, someone shot Doss as he drove on Eastbound Interstate 80 in Richmond.

"It doesn't make any sense it doesn't make any sense at all," she continued."I don't think no one has even slept yet, been up since Thursday, every time I close my eyes I see him," said Lakeya Doss, his sister.

Doss' sisters say even though he was the baby, he was their protector. A role he played Thursday as well for his passenger and close friend."That's the last thing he did, he covered her and took all the bullets for her," said Lakeya Doss."And he would have lived just that one to the head killed him," said Shanyla Robinson.

Law enforcement officials have said the shooting wasn't random, but Doss' family says no one would want to hurt him.

"College student, good kid, all he did was work out, play with the family," said Lakeya Doss.Shortly after the shooting, Richmond police located a vehicle matching witness descriptions and took 3 men into custody, one 24-year-old and two 17 year olds.

"We want to see justice for sure, we want them to get the max, the max," said Lakeya Doss."Senseless, everybody just killing each other for no type of reason at all," said Shanyla RobinsonThe family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral expenses.

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