Don't answer calls from any of these area codes!

There's always some new way scammers are trying to get into your  pockets.... 

According to scammers are hiding behind certain area codes that appear to be U.S. numbers, but are actually international.

There are different variations of the so-called "473 scam."

In one version criminals use robo-dialers to call their potential victims, then hang up before anyone picks up the phone.

Another version of the scam waits for the target to answer, then plays a recording of a voice asking for help while in distress before hanging up. 

The third version operates much like the others, except using text messages to ask for help.

There's even a scam where someone can record your voice in order to play back for machines so they can authorize payments!

In all of these cases, the criminal wants you to call or text back. To protect yourself do not call or text back.

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