Aldon Smith pleases 'I'm Not a BadAss Criminal


Aldon Smith insists  he did nothing wrong -- was not detained -- and was only inside a San  Francisco jail to visit a friend who was locked up inside.

As Smith left an S.F. jail following a car crash in which he was  allegedly a passenger, he told a pack of reporters that he was doing  great .... "nothing happened."

"I had to go handle something and talk to somebody" Smith said ... "I  was talking to a friend who is locked up in there. That’s what I went  to go do. If I did something I’d be in jail right now. Like I didn’t do  anything."

He added, "So we need to, if you guys want to talk about me, let’s  make these stories a little bit better. Let’s put me in a better  spotlight and stop making me seem like I’m some badass criminal."

"Because that’s not who I am. I’m a good person. I’ve never done  anything, I’ve never hurt anybody. I’m not that type of person. Let’s  start replacing these stories. That’s your story alright? Get out of my  face now please."

As we previously reported, Smith was detained for public intoxication early Thursday morning after a car he was a passenger in smashed into a cop car. 

We were told by law enforcement he was being held until he sobered up. 

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