Watch: NBA Beef is Brewing Between Shaq & The Warriors!

Shaq has been roasting Warriors big man Javale McGee during his "Shaqtin' a Fool" segments on TNT for a few years now, and Javale is fed up. Javale has been playing great this whole season for the Dubs, but for some reason Shaq and the folks at TNT decided to piece together a bunch of old clips of Javale for this stupid "Dr. Strange" parody: 

Seeing that video resulted in this response from Javale:

That resulted in Shaq THREATENING him!

So Javale told the old baller to stick to his day job... basically.

I guess Shaq really doesn't like peanuts, because it prompted another threat:

Coache Steve Kerr & Kevin Durant also weighed in on the beef that's brewing:

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