Writer Blasts Beyonce & Adele for Flaunting Pregnancy at Grammy's

A writer at the NY Post just woke up the beehive after blasting Queen Bey and Adele for being proud of their pregnancies at the 2017 Grammy's. 

In the article titled "Having a baby isn’t a miracle and doesn’t make you a goddesswriter Naomi Schaefer-Riley criticized Beyoncé and Adele for "fetishizing" motherhood. It was published almost a week after Beyoncé's  Yoruba goddess-inspired performance at the Grammys. You can check out the article in the link below:

This article obviously infuriated the fans on Twitter, and they quickly let the people at the NY Post know exactly how they feel! 

Peep out some of the best responses, including one from the Bay's very own Zendaya:

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