10 Year-Old Boy From Chicago Wrongfully Handcuffed By Cops!

Copyright: Getty Images

It seems as if it's impossible to go a day without seeing a black boy or man wrongfully accused and arrested by the cops.

A 10 year old, young black boy was playing just outside of his grandmothers house when two police officers came up to him and handcuffed him. In the video you see that the boy is cooperating fully and was so scared that he was so scared that he wet himself. The adults around him even start telling the cops that thats their kid and points to where he lives, but the cops still keep him in cops. 

They cops go on to say that they arrested him because he starts to run, and the Chicago police later said that "it was a case of mistaken identity" 

The 10 year old later expressed his feelings about the situation saying, "They told me I escaped from juvenile and I had a gun. They put me in handcuffs. I was crying. I was scared." 


As far as we know right now the cops have not been held accountable for these actions. People on Twitter were absolutely shocked and heart broken when they saw the video.


Some even called on Congress to start making a change



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