Still WFH? People Admit They Use Their Work Comp for This... Do You?

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Working from has become a reality and a lot of us are fortunate to be able to get work done in the luxury of our homes in our finest PJs. Even in the instances where you're still going in to the office you're at least hopefully offered a hybrid set up where you spend a good portion of your week in the same said sweatpants-hopefully with a wash between wears! But let's be real - you've used your work comp for non-work related tasks and you probably do so on a regular basis. Question is - do you go as far as some of the folks in this recent survey.

Some of the things that people have admitted to using their work comp for are the basic things, others are little extra and you wouldn't want your boss pulling up your history - should your work rhythm come into question. Where do you fall on this survey?

About 5% of workers in this survey conducted in the UK admitted to using their work comp to look up porn. Are you in the 5% or are you with the rest of us that use our work comps to check social media, do some quick online grocery shopping for the kids or to check personal email?

According to the survey the number one non work related task is browsing social media at 17%, #2 is messaging friends, followed by online shopping. Closing out the top ten is gambling at #8, watching porn #9 and entertaining your kids at #10. Where do you fall on the list?

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