San Francisco County - Local Ballot Measures For 2020

San Francisco Ballot Measures

Proposition A - Bond Issue

  • If authorized, this will fund permanent investments in transitional supportive housing facilities, shelters, and/or facilities that serve individuals experiencing homelessness, mental health challenges, or substance use, improve the safety and quality of parks, and improve the safety and condition of streets.

Proposition B - Public Works Commission and Sanitation and Streets Charter Amendment

Proposition C - Member of City Body Eligibility Requirements Charter Amendment

  • If passed, this measure will remove the requirement that individuals serving on city boards, commissions, and advisory bodies must be U.S. citizens and registered voters.

Proposition D - Sheriff's Department Oversight Board Charter Amendment

  • If passed, this will bring a number of changes to the Sheriff's Department, including authorizing the Sheriff's Department Office of Inspector General to investigate non-criminal misconduct by employees and in-custody deaths and recommend policy changes to the sheriff and board of supervisors.

Proposition E - Police Staffing Charter Amendment

Proposition F - Business and Tax Regulations Code Charter Amendment

Proposition G - Local Election Voting Age Charter Amendment

  • If passed, this will lower the voting age to 16 for local candidates and ballot measures.

Proposition H - Planning Code Amendment

Proposition I - Real Estate Transfer Tax

Proposition K - Affordable Housing Authorization

  • If passed, the city will develop or acquire up to 10,000 units of low-income rental housing.

Proposition L - Business Tax

Proposition J - Parcel Tax, San Francisco Unified School District

  • Updates annual parcel tax to $288 per parcel (adjusted for inflation) to generate an estimated amount of $48.1 million/year for 17 years.

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