San Francisco Residents Team Up To Return Stolen Smash-And-Grab Items

Photo: Getty Images

Never leave anything valuable in your vehicle, ever! Tourists in San Francisco know all too well the risks of leaving anything behind.

According to KRON 4, residents in the Richmond District of San Francisco often find stolen luggages, backpacks, etc. dumped on the streets of their neighborhood. Using social media, Nextdoor and other resources, people in the area have been working together to get these stolen items back to their rightful owners. Mark Dietrich, one of the residents helping with this initiative, told KRON 4, "he’s found dozens of bags over the last year when he began tracking down victims to bring back their belongings. He says he’s already helped about 50 tourists."

When there are no names or any way to identify the owner, they turn it over to the police.

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