California Currently Has The Lowest COVID Transmission Rate In The Country

Pupil Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine Injection Sitting With Doctor Indoor

Photo: Getty Images

According to KQED, California currently has the lowest COVID transmission rate in the country. California has seen a decline in COVID cases and hospitalizations following the surge in Summer. California's level of COVID transmission is SUBSTANTIAL while the rest of the country's is HIGH. You can view an interactive map here! When compared to other populous states such as Florida and Texas, California is seeing approx. 94 cases per 100,000 per day. While Florida is seeing 296, and Texas is seeing 386.

COVID is still a highly contagious virus and unvaccinated people are at high risk of getting infected by the virus and hospitalized. You can find out how to get your COVID Vaccine here! You can find out where to get tested for COVID here! Remember to stay safe, and wear a mask.

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