Memphis Meteorologist Posted Racist Tweet About Draymond Green

Photo: Getty Images

The chief meteorologist at FOX13 in Memphis is reportedly under investigation for posting a racist tweet about Draymond Green!

According to the NY Post, following Game 3 between Memphis and Golden State, the meteorologist reportedly called Green a racist slur in a now deleted tweet, saying:

“And chew on this: Draymond runs his kn*ckle-dr*gging open mouth ALL GAME LONG, but mild-mannered Kyle Anderson disputes one call and gets ejected? Next level jackassery.”

After facing serious backlash, he apologized saying, "Race is never an issue to me," and explained he had no ill intent. He later deleted his Twitter account altogether.

In a statement, FOX13 said they "will take appropriate action pending a full investigation."

Coach Steve Kerr spoke on the situation at a recent press conference saying, "This is America."

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