Father KILLS his13 yr old son for discovering his secret FETISH life

Mark Redwine is a sick individual and deserves more than the 48 years that the judge ordered him to serve over the murder of his 13 year old son Dylan Redwine.

The pieces of this case are really sick and gut wrenching. Dylan apparently discovered his father's fetich of wearing women's lingerie and eating poop out of children's diapers. When he was asked to visit his father's home for Thanksgiving he obviously did not want to go but it was a court ordered visit and he did. Dylan was never heard from again and his father Mark still stands by his innocence even after Dylan's body was found dismembered in the wooded area behind his home.

Mark Redwine even made an appearance on Dr. Phil talking about Dylan Redwine's disappearance.

This man should never see the light of day again. He is a disturbed individual and a murderer. God bless the rest of Dylan Redwine's family as they try to seek peace in the murder of their son, brother.

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