Look who Kanye West spent his birthday with!! She's a RUSSIAN model!

It's been a little time since Kanye's spilt with former wife Kim Kardashian and Kim immediately took to the streets with her girls to celebrate her new found freedom from what looked like a toxic marriage to Kanye West. Kanye on the other hand pretty much went on lock down in his bunker and wasn't doing or saying much to anyone about anything, until his birthday!!

All of the sudden he pops up on a get away with this Russian model by the name of Irina Shayk! If you look at the last video above where Irina is putting together different styles with her wardrobe you can see that she REALLY sounds Russian and has a love for fashion like Kanye and also seems little eccentric just like Kanye as well!!

There is no confirmation that this trip was romantic but we just saw strolls and smiles, no business talk so this might just be the rebound lady of Kanye's dreams to help him recover from losing probably the most famous woman of our time. Unjustified fame but super famous none-the-less.

Good luck YE!!! Everyone deserves to be happy!! We'll be waiting to see what baller or artist Kim ends up flaunting around LA, you know it's coming!

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