7 YR OLD SHOT! Neighbor chases him with a sledgehammer then shoots!

Young Cody Daniels was playing with his friends and retrieving his bike from Ryan LeNguyen's front yard when the violent neighbor decided to chase him off with a sledgehammer. Cody describes the event in the video above where he says "I'm too fast" so LeNguyen decided to take matters to another level and grab his gun which he shot at Cody with, striking him in the arm.

LeNguyen was taken into custody by the Washtennaw County Sheriffs and charged with assault with intent to murder but was granted $10k bond and released 3 days later. Shocked by the judge's decision for such a low bail the prosecutor's office filed an emergency motion to raise the bond to $100k.

It's amazing to me that a piece of crap like this can be considered as not a danger to the community and released when he clearly was trying to kill this child and was even charged with attempted murder!! Our legal system is really f'd up and it's clear there is no justice.

Let's hope that the motion filed goes through and he is sent back to jail where he belongs.