Watch an SF VICTORIAN home moved 6 blocks! Here's why it's being relocated

WHY?!!! Why, is the main question most people are asking about the owner of this 2 story victorian home being moved 6 blocks!

The home has sat on it's original block for 139 years and now the owner paid $400K to have it relocated 6 blocks away! What could be the reason for this? Well a couple suggestions have come to mind, divorce, high priced neighborhood are among the few. ABC7 reports that it was probably a pay out. The old location at Turk and Franklin is going to be the new home for a 60 unit apartment complex so wether the owner or a company paid for the $400k move someone is getting some major return in the long run!

Pretty exciting thing to see especially for the neighbors of this home. Some compared it to the Pixar movie UP!