Oh now?!!! Senator Ted Cruz decided to get out and help his TEXAN people?!!

After fleeing to a family vacation in CANCUN Texas Senator TED CRUZ has decided to return to the great state of Texas to help those who have been effected by the polar vortex that has taken lives and had millions out of power and water for over a week!

Pipes bursting, snowed in, no food, water or electricity is what a lot of his citizens of Texas were dealing with when this freeze hit and city and state representatives who did not have to deal with it directly seemed to care not about their residents. Ted Cruz decided to fly his whole family out to Cancun and a Mayor of Colorado City, Texas decided to call people "weak and lazy" for asking for assistance from their city officials!

It has been unfortunate to see everything that these people have been going through even reality stars are losing their homes and posting to social media.

Senator Ted Cruz looks like he decided get out and pass out water and supplies to people because fleeing when people are at their worst is not a good way to win over voters. We see ya TED!!!