Megan The Stallion and her boo Pardi make pizzas! Then Meg gets serenaded?

Megan Thee Stallion made her entanglement with Pardison Fontaine official over the weekend revealing their Valentine's Day flyaway and showing some PDA all up on her live!

Looks like they are with each other everyday loving each other to the fullest and planning dinners!! As Meg states in the story video from above, she suggested they make some home made pizzas for dinner and she made what looks like a pizza while Pardi made something different. Those look like wanna be pizza balls that looked terrible to begin with but after some time in the oven they redeemed themselves lol!!

Meg says in the video that "they aren't terrible" all the while all Pardi can do is serenade his new love! So cute, I hope he makes Meg happy and I hope it lasts!! These celeb relationships normally fizzle out rather quick especially if someone pulls a gun out on ya so let's pray they are in a good place and healthy!