Oakland Based Movie 'Blindspotting' Will Become Starz TV Series

Oakland film, Blindspotting, covers police brutality, gentrification, and other issues that people are currently facing in Oakland. Starz has now picked up the film for a TV spin off. Oakland native's Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs, who originally wrote and produced the movie, will returnd to write and produce the series.

In a joint statement, the two talked about the new show,

Let us put you up on game, bruh. No description will encompass the complexity of a ‘Blindspotting’ series, ya dig? So just get juiced, cuz’ it stars Jasmine Cephas Jones, it’s set in Oakland and we’re making it, so it’s lightweight finna to be hella good and the soundtrack will indeed slap. OH BOY!

There is not date announced just yet, stay tuned!


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