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Cardi B Says Sana G Has The Wap Wap And Gets Peed On By Snakes!

Cardi B dropped by via Zoom to talk to Sana G, DC, and GBiz about her latest single WAP. Partnering with Cash App, Cardi B will be giving some lucky fans $500 as thanks for promoting WAP and breaking records. Sana asked Cardi about the petition going around social media to remove Kylie Jenner from the music video. Cardi B isn't here for the petition,

I found that so disrespectful. It was like a favor... she took time out of her schedule to be in the video. I'm really thankful and really grateful.

GBiz wanted to know what kind of content she will be giving us on Only Fans. You can expect a lot of behind the scenes footage from the making of the WAP music video.

I feel like the only people who really get me are my fans...we ain't talking to everybody.

D.C. thinks it's important for artists to speak up and have conversations with politicians and asking tough questions to hold them accountable. Cardi recently talked to Joe Biden and has also talked to Bernie Sanders.

When I linked up with Bernie, people talk s*** about the way I talk or who I am...when he lost people couldn't believe it and i'm like yeah that's why i kept telling y'all to vote! Now y'all want to cry and be upset, no you can't be upset!

Cardi B spoke some truth and made us question what some political figures have been doing.

This is what they're trying to do, they are trying to create tension between the minority because they know soon they will be the majority. They're trying to break us apart

WAP has 93 million streams in the first week! Cardi B continues to break records and push boundaries in political conversations. Check out her interview with the Sana G Morning Show below.

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