90 Day Fiance Star Admits To Calling Nigerian Husband The N-Word

90 Day Fiance fans are angry after star Baby Girl Lisa admits to calling her Nigerian husband the n-word. Her husband Usman Umar asked if American woman use the racial slur often saying,

I just want to ask American women if calling me a n***** is something that you all practice because she said it to me. She called me a n***** and although I didn’t respond angrily because it’s something I am used to hearing from people who look like her, it’s still inexcusable.

Before Umar was able to say this, Baby Girl Lisa threatened him for speaking out about the use of the word.

If you open these can of worms and I start getting hate mail, you and I are going to have a problem

Usman Umar is now in Nigeria while Baby Girl Lisa is in America.