Woman Whipped 26-year-old Stepson for Violating Curfew

This crazy Florida woman is the Clown of the Day on the Sana G Morning Show after being arrested for whipping her 26-year-old stepson's butt with a belt for violating his curfew!

So many things don't sound right here:

First of all, why does a 26-year-old have a curfew? If you're 26 and live in Florida, there really is no excuse for not having your own place.

Valerie Branch-Galloway has been ordered to complete an anger management program for whipping the victim 30 times with a leather belt- because he was about 30 minutes late for his midnight curfew.

She offered the victim his choice of punishment: She would either tell her husband (his dad) about the tardiness or he could endure some “licks.”

The Sana G Morning Show

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