Amazon Applies To Sell & Deliver Alcohol In San Francisco!

Amazon has applied to get a liquor license and open a store in Dogpatch so that they can sell and deliver alcohol. The proposed 200 sq ft store would be at 888 Tennessee Street, open 8a-4p and sell wine, beer and liquor. Not only would you be able to go buy your drinks there, you'd also have the option tohave it delivered any other time that Amazon Prime Now is doing it's deliveries.

Photo: Google Maps

Christine Lyon of SF is against this being approved, saying “For so long, the problem with Amazon is that they destroy the brick-and-mortars and they’re, like, coming back and taking over those properties...I think it’s really bad for neighborhoods like this specifically, where there are so many small mom and pop shops.”

Other residents like Tim Sinclair, when asked if they should be allowed, said: “I don’t see why not. Yeah, that’s a yes.”

What are your thoughts? You down for alcohol delivery or do you want to keep going to your local store?

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