Frontier Giving Free Flights Just For Having This Last Name!

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Yep, you read that article title right...Frontier has a promotion going right now that gets you a FREE flight in the month of August just for having the last name 'Green' or 'Greene'! How? Why??!

Frontier's President & CEO, Barry Biffle said: "Our fleet's fuel efficiency is unmatched by other U.S. airlines and allows Frontier to deliver not only the lowest fares but the most sustainable approach to flying."

A few things all you Green's should know is that the free flight is a flight 'up to $400' and passengers must book a flight on, depart on Tuesday & return by August 20...and legally have the last name Green or Greene.

If you are good with all of that, what are you doing still reading this?? Go get full info over at CNN.

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