Man Tries To Steal Domain Name At Gunpoint... Smh... C'mon Bruh!

A former Iowa State student by the name of Rossi Adams II has been convicted for trying to steal a domain name at gunpoint! Apparently the entrepreneur started multiple social media accounts called "State Snaps", which became a huge hit with his fellow students so he plotted to turn it into a social media empire! Unfortunately, the most common hashtag that visitors of his snaps would use was #doitforstate , and this phrase seemed perfect for a domain name, but was already owned by someone else. After years of harassing the domain owner Adams constructed a plan to roll up on the owner with a gun & forcefully makde him relinquish the rights to the domain. The plan failed and Adams has now been convicted of the crime and is facing 20 years in prison if the max penalty is enforced. Damn.... it ain't never that serious bruh bruh.

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