Is SOB x RBE Responsible for Controversial New Bay Area "Demons" Slang?

Rapper Project Poppa joins the 2 Hard 4 Radio Podcast with G Biz, Max & Nump! 

When Max asked Project Poppa to explain a recent Instagram post he made saying, "why is the Bay Area throwing this "demon" word around so freely" he said that people are misusing the new street slang... Then Max asked if he was talking about SOB x RBE because they say it a lot on  their new album... That convo starts at 2:10 in the video below:

The East Oakland rapper also talked about working with other talented Bay Area artists, and explained why other rappers are scared to get on songs  with dope MC's like Caleborate & Young Gully (check previous episodes for interviews with Caleborate & Gully) 

Project Poppa talked in depth about all the crazy sh*t he would see  growing up in Oakland's Lockwood Gardens Projects (explains his name)  AKA "6-5 Vill" (Village), which is one half of the "Vill." The other  half of the "Vill" is the recently torn down 69th San Antonio Villas  housing project, where infamous drug kingpin Felix Mitchell is from.

And in true 2 Hard 4 Radio style, at the end of the Podcast, Project Poppa spit a crazy freestyle!

Watch the full episode above, and make sure to share it on social media with your comment!

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