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Safaree talks About his "D" pics w/ Sana G!

Safaree Samuels AKA Scaff Breezy called the Sana G Morning Show in the wake of his nude photos/vid leaking on the internet and sending social media into a frenzy! 

We've never seen Sana smile this much EVER! It got to a point where Safaree said, "Yo this is a VULGAR radio show!"

Watch the full interview below:

The interview got off to an entertaining start when Sana greeted Nicki Minaj's ex with a flirtatious "hey big head!"  Then while talking about his new single "Hunnid," Sana cracked a joke about how his D is bigger than his music!  

Safaree claims he has no idea how the photos leaked, but said since they did leaked he decided to capitalize off the newfound attention he's getting by dropping the song "Hunnid." He said "I'm not gonna drop a meat pic to promote 1 song. Usually people do stuff like that to promote an album"

Safaree explained that he is getting flooded with job offers from porn companies who want him to do movies and make molds of his penis with little fur coats attached!Safaree loved it when we told him some of the nicknames ladies are hitting him with now from "Girth God" to the "Magical Wand of Wakanda"

He gave graphic details about how he has to be extra slow and gentle during love making, especially since his Zodiac sign is Cancer and he doesn't like to see people in pain.When G Biz asked how his mama reacted to the penis pic leaking, Safaree read us a text message his mom sent him after seeing her son in the news! (7:00)

Sana asked him if he is still messing with Juju from Love and Hip Hop LA, Safaree clarified that he is a "single meat guy." And when asked about KARDASHIAN rumors, Safaree said "that would be insanely crazy!"As the convo was ending Sana felt the need to Safaree that she pleasures herself to his image and asked EXACTLY how many inches his "meat is! 

Listen to the full interview for a great laugh, and make sure to SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on iHeart Radio & the Podcast App!

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