Street Soldiers Radio: Stopping the Violence

Stopping the Violence: Why is there so much violence and what have you seen work to stop it? 

Callers share their thoughts about the issue as we speak with violence prevention leaders across the country and world.

On the panel: Devitta Briscoe, Khalid Elahi, Tamiko Ferguson, Stefan Wilson, Garey Thompson, Jermaine King, Doug Fort, Llowellyn Syce and Tamisha Walker.

“I’ve been thinking about this, especially with our team and our organization-the Safe Project- when we address Issues of violence- we look at systems, cultures and situations. What we always discuss is choice and mindset. A lot of what we talk about is a lot of what you teach- we have conversations about respect what do you get out of violence. And so for me when I think about why there is so much violence, whether it’s gun violence or domestic violence, I think there is a challenge with communication and how to express yourself. 

Emotional intelligence is so important to teach and our communities and society, because not every situation has to drive you to the point of committing violence. 

I think understanding your own emotional intelligence and the trauma that you’ve faced and the potential to harm other people, what the consequences of it can be. I think it’s easy to choose violence. It’s harder to think through and use your emotional intelligence to assert the impact that not just to the individual you’re harming, but to yourself, to your family and to your community,” shares Tamisha Torres Walker, Antioch’s Mayor ProTem and executive director of Safe Return Project- a non-profit that works to dismantle the mass incarceration system and utilize those funds towards resourcing, rehabilitation, and prevention in the community.

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