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Antonio Brown Exposes Himself In Dubai Hotel Pool, Puts @ss In Woman Face

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Photo: Getty Images

According to a recently released video, Antonio Brown appears to have gone full nude in front of a woman in Dubai.

The Armani Hotel Dubai is where the incident he New York Post claims to have happened. In the video, Brown was seemingly playing with a fellow swimmer in the pool . In the video, AB twice thrusts his bare ass in the face of a woman.

Brown appears to be entirely naked in the water which is illegal in Dubai.  Brown continues to play with the woman, even lifting and dunking her.

When she finally swims away, Brown raises his penis out of the water to flash her while other males off-camera encourage him. According to witnesses cited by The Post, the woman was furious after this and even walked inside to complain to hotel staff.

It's unclear what, if anything, resulted from this; it seems to have happened a few months ago. In any case, AB is the target of a lot of online criticism at the moment.

Antonio Brown caught wind of the backlash this morning and responded with a short rant on Twitter.

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