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50 Cent Sues MedSpa For Implying He Had Male Enhancement Surgery

2019 Summer TCA Press Tour - Day 4

Photo: Getty Images North America

50 Cent has filed a lawsuit claiming a photo he took with a surgeon is being used to fraudulently suggest that he is a patient who underwent a penis enhancement treatment.

50 Cent is suing plastic surgeon Angela Kogan and her companies, Perfection Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, on the grounds that they continue to share an old photo of them together, implying that 50 Cent needed or got surgery to augment his penis.

In the lawsuit, which TMZ obtained, 50 Cent claims that he took a photo with Dr. Kogan in February 2020 because he assumed she was a fan. He claims that ever since, Kogan and her businesses have exploited the photo to promote their services.

Online blog site, The Shade Room, did a story featuring Kogan on the rise in male sexual enhancement procedures. According to 50 Cent, they included his image with Kogan. 50 Cent believes they did this because Kogan and her companies used his photo on their social media accounts to promote the plastic surgery clinics. However, he claims that things took a "disturbing" turn in August.

The rapper alleges that whenever the article is released or shared online, the picture of him and Kogan appears implying he had a penis enhancement treatment.

50 Cent asserts that Kogan and MedSpa are fully aware he never had surgery there, whether it was for a penis surgery or not. 50 Cent demands they stop sharing the picture because it exposes him to ridicule, tarnishes his reputation personally and professionally, and infringes on his right to privacy.

Fifty also requests money from the court to intervene and prohibit Kogan and MedSpa from misrepresenting him as their client and from sharing the image.

50 Cent responded to the news of the lawsuit with a comment: "every now and then i get a fool like this, Smh what away to put yourself out of business."

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